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Speed Date with Tamarind Chutney

Chutneys, the magnificent creations of Indian kitchens that run across many melodies, from high-pitched spiciness to tingle-toned sourness and everything in between, are the darling elements of our parties, trusty condiments that are employed perennially, to woo our guests. Could … Continue reading

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The Mystery of the Impossible Pie

Whether you’re looking to use up that carton of golden-yolked omega 3 eggs before their date with the trashcan or finish up uninspiring leftovers in the fridge at the end of the week, there are umpteen egg-based preparations that you can whip up. … Continue reading

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A Chocolate and Mango Tango

Mango lovers will vouch for its lusciousness, lingering nectar-like after taste, and above all, its versatility. The grand fruit lends itself, and graciously so, to all manner of flavors and fares. It could be dunked in a sweet and spicy … Continue reading

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Crunch! Munch! Roasted Makhana

Lotus seeds or phool makhana have umpteen health benefits and with minimal effort, can be turned into a delightful snack option to use as a filler between meals, after a rough exercise session, after school or work, or while simply … Continue reading

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Velvet ‘n Cream, Chocolate Pudding Supreme

There’s only one thing to turn to as a mood enhancer when us Tadka girls get together after a long gap, having each succumbed to the despair of illnesses alternating with inertia – chocolate. We’d say dessert, but it wouldn’t possibly have the … Continue reading

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Here’s to Healthy Snackin’ – Zucchini Chillas

We’re back on the school routine wagon, with umpteen mails urging parents to stick to healthy snack and lunch options flooding our inboxes, from the kindly coordinators. A seemly plot, if you ask us, when our own preferences are taken into consideration, what with the … Continue reading

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Restaurant Review: Mango Festival at Grand Mercure

It has often been said that the towering piles of mangoes in all their green-gold hued glory are the only thing that make summers bearable in India. Celebrating the mango season with an over-the-top meal featuring the raw and ripe fruits in … Continue reading

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Restaurant Review: Monkey Bar, Indiranagar

Monkey Bar has been on our must-go list ever since we moved back to Bangalore. We’ve heard and read so much about Chef Manu Chandra, the quirky Monkey Bar ambiance, the superb food, and of course the cocktails. So, it is … Continue reading

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Crackling & Crisp: Khara Biscuits

It’s amazing how a little cookie can be the key to a flurry of memories. Memories that are awash with the most endearing pastiche of smells, tastes, textures, and sights – of butter, spice, sweet, crumbly, golden brown, crisp, carom, … Continue reading

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Bring out the Salsa! Brown Rice, Mexican-style

Ever since the words Mexican Pink Rice appeared in a newspaper article, replete with a recipe, several years ago when we were starry-eyed eager beavers for Sunday specials to feed our families, we’ve had a thing for, well, Mexican Pink … Continue reading

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