Roll Your Tongue, Say Ralsa!

The sight of the crisp green cucumber lolling about in the refrigerator tray with its less cooler relatives like zuchini and squash could add a vigor to your being, a bounce in your unmanicured hands as they reach out for it. And to think that folks in the 17th century were severely biased against uncooked vegetables, with cucumber topping that list for unreasonable periods of time, gaining the moniker “cowcumber,” (fit for consumption by cows) in the bargain (courtesy: Wikipedia).

You pick it up and glance at it for a few blissful moments before washing it, snapping off the edges and rubbing one of the pieces around the cut end until the white viscous fluff collects all around the circumference. You wash it again, peel the skin and cut out two circles to use on your tired eyes for later, when your heels get to cool off some after a long day. Popping these circles in a box, back in the refrigerator, you are now ready to liven up a regular weekday meal with Cucumber Ralsa. It’s what becomes of our very own raita when it blends with their snappy salsa.

Pick out your favorite glass bowl, and throw in the following finely sliced essentials:

1 Cucumber
1 Medium-sized ripe, resplendent tomato
1/2 Red pepper
1 Hot, de-seeded jalapeno
1 Clove of garlic
2-3 Blades of green onions
3 tablespoons thick yoghurt

You could even hum a merry tune as you add a dash of salt, a pinch of sugar, a sprinkling of aamchur and a dusting of chaat masala. Scooping out the yoghurt, just enough to bind the essentials together, you could rest the spoon right on top, to ogle at this vibrant, peppy creation.

While we leave you to imagine the sound of the crackle and crunch of a tortilla chip dipped into this cool Cucumber Ralsa and drool, perhaps, feel free to go kittenish while you try to up the ante on this one. Moong or any other lentil sprouts, chives, cilantro, mint, dill, chilli powder or paprika..the stuff you can augment this with is endless..the kitchen, or pantry, is your canvas, really. Extra brownie points if you can serve this as you do a happy jig and jive.

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2 Responses to Roll Your Tongue, Say Ralsa!

  1. Padmaja Chokshi says:

    This Rasla recipe is mouth watering ! I am definitely going to try it.

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