Hello, Fudge Browfie!

The prissy chocolate lover is prim and proper. She pouts with her chin up. Nothing comes even close to bringing that chin down in humble obeisance than a killer brownie. The rich, velvety, gooey textured killer brownie is a snatch, her secret indulgence, her blues-basher. It is like the ballerina of dessert land. It slithers and squishes oh-so-gently from the baking tray to her hand, going in between her dainty fingers, leaving a trail of goodness around her lips as she closes her eyes to take in every bite with a sense of rapture. However, even through her prissiness, she is prudent. She is wary of going overboard. She plays around with the ingredients to concoct fresh killer brownie recipes that are less lush, coyly Indianized, yet still divine. She removes the eggs, cuts down on the fat, adds a twist and a snap with a glob of applesauce, a splash of coffee and even a few drops of rosewater. She throws in some dry milk, mixes in a wee bit of baking powder, a little less butter. She goes a step further by stirring the whole thing up on a stovetop, and then the Browfie is born. It’s not a fudgy brownie or a cakey burfi, it’s something in between and it’s decadent. Fit for a queen. Or a prissy chocolate lover who pouts with her chin up. Before she bites into a Fudge Browfie, that is. Because what ensues is a sight to see — she is hopelessly smitten, buckling and bowing down, wolfing down irregular-shaped corner pieces when no one is looking, then going “Hmmmmmm” in a whisper. Ofcourse she goes overboard too. But she’s worked very hard towards earning her best Browfie points for a long time..

..and right about now would be a good time to wheedle the method out of her. One cup of all purpose flour is sifted slowly with a teaspoon of baking powder, a pinch of salt, a couple of tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder, a cup and a half of confectioner’s sugar and 3/4 cup of dry milk or good old Indian milk powder. A half cup of butter allowed to warm with a hiss in a nonstick pan, before the sifted dry ingredients go in and absorb it. 3/4 cup of skimmed milk and a splash of instant coffee go in next, moistening the flour mixture, amalgamating and bunching up into a gooey mass along with two or three tablespoons of applesauce, two or three drops of rosewater. Coarsely crushed almonds fall in next, cooking up with the gooey mass for a good 15 to 18 minutes, until the chocolatey bundle leaves the sides of the pan easily, dropping into a greased pan before getting pressed and primed to an evenly smooth spread. The greased pan with this spread gets a shock treatment in the refrigerator for a good half hour or until completely chilled. Slabs of Fudge Browfie are cut out with a precision that only a child-woman who is a prissy chocolate lover with a pout come undone can manage.

But then, who can turn down a luscious, chewy piece of brownie, or Browfie, if you so please? Never since its first ever public appearance in Chicago’s Palmer House Hotel in 1893 (courtesy: Wiki) has the brownie been coy. It is bold and quite swashbuckling, it can go from fudgy to cakey all the way to blonde and beautiful and now, to Browfie-liscious!

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7 Responses to Hello, Fudge Browfie!

  1. Shankari says:

    Mmmmmm, me want brownfi. Thanks for a lovely treat πŸ™‚

  2. Shankari says:

    Ooops, Browfie it is πŸ™‚

  3. prashant augustine says:

    Share the recepie Ranju.. pls.. seems mouth watering stuff..

  4. anjaliwrites says:

    just fab……… put on two extra pounds just reading this :~))

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