Treading Gingerly on Ice Cold Territory

When your wet feet leave prints on the poolside concrete that dry up in a heartbeat under the summer sun’s glare, you’d want to sink your teeth deep into these decadent ice cream sandwiches and leave no trace behind, even if it means wiping your ice cream moustache with the back of your wet, wrinkle-skinned hand. Dainty, crisp, delightfully-spiced ginger thins painted with melted chocolate bridge the gap between beaten-down scoops of vanilla ice cream. The opulence of sliced almonds is an extravagance, as is the fairy-tale dusting of sprinkles on top in an orange so bright it competes with the apricotesque shimmer of that big ball in the spotless sky, throbbing on the blue of the pool. All that will remain is the feeling of warmth trailed closely by a cool sensation in your mouth, and the tan you worked while you took a dip and bared your face to the workings of the Sun..

Our delectable ice cream sandwich is being shared over at

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2 Responses to Treading Gingerly on Ice Cold Territory

  1. Oh my gosh, that looks absolutely amazing. What a delicious way to cool down.

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