Rainbow in a Bowl

A bag of crisp baby salad greens with names that roll over your tongue in delicious bursts — Arugula, Lollo Rosa, Mizuna, Tango, Frisée, Green and Red Chards, Romaines, Radicchio — deserves a dressing that’s nothing short of royal. Reading the Earthbound Farm label, all you can do is shrug and think back to the rich, brown earth that settled in your fingernails as you unearthed some tender palak from the garden at the back of a faraway house. Orange marmalade, a lovely, gilded gelatin with streaks of succulent peel, is your first pick. Spooning some out in a bowl, your mind wanders to the mid-sized mandarin tree you knew from the touch of bark in the down under. The juice of a lemon, a splash of apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper, and the thick greenish-yellow silk of extra virgin olive oil..all happy reminders of the tart aftertaste in your mouth from the three-course lunch at your Lamaze class..a wholly gratifying experience for your pregnancy craving of sour-and-sweet. And finally, cigar-rolled mint leaves, falling out of the edge of your knife in a dainty chiffonade, prompting a sepia-tinted visual of your Mother’s kitchen, where she snipped everything from methi to mooli greens the same way on her trusty ulu-like cutting board, in curvy contoured strips. Whisking this dressing up to pour over your bed of greens, sliced onions and tomatoes, topped deftly with oven-roasted, paprika-coated chicken breast bites..and some toasty croutons for good measure..you think about the long summer days that stretch out before you like meadows in the countryside..when dinners seem like lunches and lunches, like the rise and fall of a Michael Crawford aria..dazzling, mellifluous and lingering.

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