’tis A Polka-dot Spree, Oh Glee!

For the end of summer days, a polka dot spree –
Marshmallow pops, here, take two or three,
egg-n-cuke wiches – oh, what a treat,
berrylicious cupcakes, so moist and sweet,
crispy, crunchy, potato-a-gooey balls of cheese
and cutesy salad-on-skewers, all made to please!

Glorious ol’ summer, as endless as it has seemed, is coming to an end, sadly, and it’s time to acquire those supplies, revamp those wardrobes and send the little troopers out and into the able hands of their new grade teachers. To celebrate the end of summer days, we’re hosting a cute and comely indoor spree that calls for little drudgery and more revelry than you can possibly imagine. In our latest Funnibbles package, we show you how to work your creativity and serve up a feast for the cute little sun-warmed squads, lovers of both pinstripes and polka dots..

What could be better than marshmallows? Marshmallow pops! Put popsicle sticks through jumbo marshmallows and dip them in nuked candy melts, throw on some sprinkles and top each with a mini-marshmallow cap. When the mob attacks, you’ll realize.. no one can eat just one!

If you need a break from grilled cheese sandwiches, even though they could be a hot favorite during the colder months, with the cheese all warm and gooey in between layers of toasty bread, take a kink and put out something simple and neat for this end-of-summer shindig. Cut up some cukes, top with sliced boiled eggs, shake up some salt-and-pepper, dot with ketchup and sit back with folded arms as they disappear before you can yelp “Yippee!”

Whisk up some delicious strawberry cupcake batter with fresh, pureed strawberries, bake them in cute polka-dotty liners, and jazz up your table. Go with a mountain of these Berrylicious Cupcakes stacked on a plate, or daintily frosted with our buttercream frosting, then sprinkled with pink sugar dots and mounted on a stand for extra elegance.

Now that you’ve done away with the warm and gooey cheese in between layers of toasty bread, stuff it in a crunchy casing instead, mashed with potatoes and hints of spices and you’ll have a fan following for the Fall, Winter, Spring..until next Summer rolls in and balls up in your face again. Our Cheese Balls are sure to be a hit, if you can resist chomping your way through a plateful before putting them out on the table, that is.

Little hands love to gobble up anything that’s on a stick and doesn’t look too complicated. Even salads in bowls or vegetables with a mushy dip can seem a trifle too heavy sometimes for the darling eager beavers. You don’t have to slave all day in the kitchen to throw an inviting party for them. A little goes a long way, and in this case, the grape tomatoes in all their minikin glory are the shooting stars. Paired with balls of herbed Swiss cheese, they’ll win the little hearts right away.

And..our Polka-dot Spree is off to do a merry jig at –


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28 Responses to ’tis A Polka-dot Spree, Oh Glee!

  1. Manju says:

    those are some fun snacks you’ve got there! love the marshmallow pops the best!

  2. Richa says:

    I’d like to be one of the troopers who gets to choose from all these funnibles! love how you are sneaking veggies and fruits into them:)

  3. kankana says:

    Eggs .. eggs I love eggs and that plate would be finished by me in a minute 🙂

  4. Spandana says:

    Love the ideas…. I liked the Marshmallows too….. I cant wait to try them for my son 🙂

  5. I can be a kid again with all these goodies… I really liked the marshmallow pops… and what better way to eat tomatoes than those mini-skewers!

  6. Loving the polka spree 🙂 a creative mix of sweet and salty treats! super like!

  7. Everything is mouth watering, but, I like cheese balls the best 🙂

  8. aipi says:

    The tomatoes and cheese caprese style is my favorite here, the marshmallows for my little one and the fritters for hubs, you have something for my whole family right here.. lol. Very nicely done and who doesn’t love polka dots.

  9. I am SO digging that idea of cucumber egg salad! Will definitely give that a try and those cheese balls just reminded me that I need to make a trip to my neighborhood food truck that sells THE best cheese balls ever!! 🙂

    • Tadka Pasta says:

      Thanks, Prerna, glad you liked the idea! Perhaps you should give that truck a miss and whisk some cheese balls, Tadka-style, by yourself. You won’t be disappointed 🙂

  10. magikals says:

    Oh the cucumber egg salad is the best for me n the cheese balls waare its a treat ..

  11. BongMom says:

    Those marshmallow pops indeed look fab and festive, loved them

  12. Sanjeeta kk says:

    What a beautiful spread! Love those marshmallow pops.

  13. A Polka Dot Spree…. OMG! I love it! Thanks so much for bringing on over to Friday Potluck! 🙂 I can’t decide which photos I like the most nor which tasty treat sounds best!

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