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Eggs-quisite Eats for Li’l Devils


Two, then four, six, eight..and umpteen sets of hungry, innocent eyes peering at you from your porch don’t make it any easier to get through Halloween just when you’ve scrubbed those piles of butter coated pans and washed the last traces of Diwali mithai, like Mysore Pak or Coconut Burfi off them. Of course, there’s a chance your steel wool lemnisci still has some of those drippings trapped in its matrix, but you probably don’t even want to be reminded of all that sugariness.

Your head might have been a maze of replicating errands and tasks for a whole week or more before the day the candy bandy does strike, your arms having reached for marshmallows and coconut flakes, all purpose flour and besan, all at the same time, and with some minuscule quirk of fortune, you may have got the right mix of ingredients together, and not ended up with a potpourri of marshmallow fluff covered with buttered up besan or cardamom-tickled coconut flakes.

Even so, the dizzying stockpiles of M&Ms and Reese’s pieces, Hershey’s kisses and Kitkats are bound to find their place in a bin somewhere, for the school sweethearts and trick-or-treating tootsies. If there’s a birthday around the corner, you may benefit from the spate of orange and black themed treats and trimmings to put together a pretty party.

Or, to put a cap on the sweet overdose, to take a kink from the pumpkin pies and pedas, you could just cash in on the mayhem and get the little tykes all keyed up over a costume party and some savory surprises. To start with, take a crack at our Eggs-quisite Eats to generate some giggles from the little ghouls and goblins. Egg them on to eat healthy and stay fit as fiddles and fresh..as daisies..

Thai-spiced Deviled Eggs

(Serves 6)

For the pumpkin look –

Cover the eggs with an inch of cold water and bring to a boil. Boil for a minute, then cover and set aside for 10 minutes. Drain and then fill the pan with cold water. After 5 minutes, peel the eggs. Slice each egg length-wise and gently remove the yolks.

Place the yolks and all the other ingredients in a small bowl and mash until very smooth. Mound the yolk mixture into the egg whites or transfer it to a ziptop bag and pipe it out. Wet your finger and pat the surface of the filling smooth. Using a toothpick draw lines to make the ‘pumpkin’ indentations. Sprinkle with paprika if desired. Cut up the green part of the onion to make tiny stems and add them to finish off the pumpkin look.


Mithai are Indian-style sweet confections of which there are many variations, typically made with thickened milk, besan (chickpea flour), dried fruit and powdered nuts. Mysore Pak, Coconut Burfi and Pedas are all varieties of Mithai.

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