Icy Cold Treat For Coolest Mommy – Chai Granita

Tiny raindrops trickle down the pretty red galoshes, the ladybugs on them glistening like jewels. The mist is floating far away, like a disheveled ball of fur. Daddy doesn’t own a raincoat, so he makes do with his brand new wind cheater. His strong hands hold on to the brolly tight, and the little puppies on it with their tongues out in what must have been a moment of sheer rapture, look like they’re enjoying the drizzle. It’s hard to enjoy a drizzle when you have a special task to accomplish outdoors, but today seems like a great day even with the gloominess having closed in since the crack of dawn. For Mommy, who will know to bring the big, colorful beach towel downstairs when we knock on the door, who will wipe us dry while we struggle to hold on to the bunch of dew-laden dandelions behind our backs. For Mommy, who sings the sweetest songs as she cooks the most delicious food in the world. For Mommy, who always knows where to find the missing sock, the misplaced receipt, the long-forgotten sheet of Disney stickers, the tiniest speck of dust, and the hidden present. For Mommy, who never forgets a thing, and who always gets it right. For Mommy, who is so easy to tickle pink even if she’s a little irate about something we goofed up badly. For Mommy, who gives the best hugs, and who tells the best stories. For Mommy, who always buys us what we want – like those ladybug galoshes, that wind cheater, the brown brolly with the happy puppies. For Mommy, who does the most fun things, like scoop out some ice cream and top it over a warm slab of brownie and then drizzle it with chocolate syrup, on an especially cold winter day..a cool and easy surprise on this rainy Mother’s Day that can be stirred, scratched and mixed to glazy perfection even by the tinest hands, such as mine..

Chai Granita

(Serves 6)

  • 1 Cup powdered Chai latte concentrate
  • 1½ Cups hot water

Dissolve the Chai concentrate in the hot water and then allow it to cool down. Pour into a large, flat-bottomed dish like a cake pan and freeze until just set, about an hour. Using a fork, scrape the surface of the frozen Chai, continuing until the entire mixture is scraped up.

Return the pan to the freezer and let it set again. Scrape the mixture the same way at least 2 more times. You can serve it at this point, or store in a covered container for later. Serve garnished with slivered pistachios or chopped  cashews.

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7 Responses to Icy Cold Treat For Coolest Mommy – Chai Granita

  1. Where can i find chai tea powder 😦

    • Tadka Pasta says:

      You should try Whole Foods/ Trader Joe’s or even see if the Chai Tea conc. available at Starbucks can be substituted for the powder. Good luck! 🙂

  2. snixykitchen says:

    What a great refreshing summer treat!

  3. tina says:

    beautiful clicks..

  4. Notyet100 says:

    Luved ur write up

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