Download, Sync, Enjoy! An eBook Exclusive.

Is this your first time buying an eBook? Want to give one as a Christmas gift? Wondering how to read one if you do not own an eReader device? Well, when we were writing our first eBook – Mango Masala: 60 Indian Recipes From Your Local Supermarket, we had lots of similar questions running through our minds.

Buying our eBook –

We’ve been getting messages from folks who have seen the preview of our eBook, and would like to buy and read it on their PCs, Macs, tablets or phones. There are ways around this and here we’ve listed out a few of them:

  • You can buy the eBook on Amazon, and enjoy it on your – Kindle OR your PC/ Mac/ iPhone/ iPod Touch/ Android phone/ Android tablet/ Windows phone/ Blackberry, by downloading the free Kindle Reader App by Amazon.
  • You can buy the eBook on our publisher’s website, and enjoy it on your – iPad, by downloading the free eReader App.
  • You can buy the eBook on our publisher’s website, and read it on your PC/ Mac, by installing Adobe Digital Editions 2.0. Here’s how:


      1. Click ‘Download now’ button under ‘Next Steps’. This will take you to the ‘downloading’ page. There are two installers – for Windows and Macintosh OS.
      2. Click and download for Windows on your preferred location on your PC Or Mac.
      3. Start installing the application by double-clicking it. Follow the process as directed.
      4. If your system is updated for .net framework as needed it will continue. Else it will ask you to download the required file.
      5. If your system is not updated for requested .net framework, you will need to install this first.
      6. Then proceed with installing ‘Adobe digital editions’ installer again. Follow the guidelines as indicated.
      7. When opening this application for the first time, it will ask for activation. If you have an Adobe Digital Id, use the user-name and password to activate it. Else, follow the link to create a free one.
      8. Your ePubs will automatically be associated with this file and you can open and read the eBook.

Gifting our eBook – 

To give our eBook as a gift via Amazon, select the ‘Give as a Gift’ button on the product page. You can choose to email the gift directly to the recipient by entering their email address. Or, you could have the gift delivered to your inbox and then forward it to the recipient, or take a print-out of the email and hand it over personally.

The world of digital books can be less intimidating once you get your hands on a good eBook on any device to leaf through when you’re bored, excited, commuting to work, waiting to pick up your child, or traveling, among other things.

Of course we wouldn’t recommend plonking your device on the kitchen counter while trying to work your way through one of our Mango Masala recipes, but you can bookmark the page to refer to when you’ve put the turmeric away and gotten the pungency of garlic off your fingertips. Oh, and for that, a rub with lemon and salt will do, or perhaps a wash with vinegar and lemony kitchen soap. But coming back to our eBook, have you bought a copy yet?

Mango Masala - 60 Indian Recipes From Your Local Supermarket

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