Give An eGift With A Tasty Twist!

The holidays are inching closer and everyone seems to be scrambling to buy their loved ones something memorable, something special, something fun. Food is such a great unifier and for everyone who loves good food, there’s never a dearth of fresh and innovative gift ideas. Here are some novel takes on how you can gift our eBook, MANGO MASALA: 60 Indian Recipes From Your Supermarket.

What makes it even more unique is that our eBook is not just for lovers of Indian food, but for everyone in the Western world who is passionate about nutritious, home-style meals that they can whip up with ingredients readily available in their local Supermarkets.

To give our eBook as a gift via Amazon, select the ‘Give as a Gift’ button on the product page. You can choose to email the gift directly to the recipient by entering their email address. Or, you could have the gift delivered to your inbox and then forward it to the recipient, or take a print-out of the email and hand it over personally.

And here, we show you how you can augment that with elements of spice, sparkle, yumminess, or glimmer with these creative ideas..


A beautiful bag of select spices with a little tag that introduces them to, well, Mango Masala, “masala” being the word for a melange of spices in Hindi, India’s national language!


Mango Masala Gift Idea

A jar of tangerine marmalade rather delectably complements the mention of our eBook, Mango Masala!


eBook Gift Ideas

A glittering, festive candle for that long-pending candle-lit dinner, with food cooked right out of Mango Masala recipes!


Mango Masala Gift Idea

For the hungry homecooks who are always looking for new tools and ladles..nothing less than a # Bestseller will do, as a tag on..bring it on, with Mango Masala!


eBook Gift Ideas

For those who love a splash of color in their kitchens, a motley collection of kaleidoscopic serve-ware that will stir them to do a happy dance, especially with the able aid of our very own cookbook, Mango Masala!



Good ol’ chocolates with a twist of something spicy, savory and a little more sweet..Mango Masala has all the tastes covered from cover to cover!


Gifting an eBook

For the coffee-lovers, a special blend for a unique sip and browse through the delicious recipes in Mango Masala!


Got any more ideas to gift our eBook this holiday season? Share them with us, we’d love to hear from you!

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