Sugar-dusted and Caramel Crusted


Had it been left to us, these little beauties would in all likelihood, never have waltzed out of the Tadka kitchens. We like our cookies buttery and flaky, crisp and chewy, and sweet, most definitely sweet. So when our baker pals over at We knead to bake were dishing out batch after batch of the Torcettini di SaintVincent, we have to say, a yeasted cookie dough with no sugar wasn’t really getting our baking juices flowing.


But we’ve promised to bake along every month, so we did, and amazingly, this was just the kind of treat that we fancy. The lemon zest added a lovely freshness to the cookies and worked well with the tang of the yeast. The sugar that we rolled the dough in (perhaps a trifle over-zealously) crusted and caramelized all over to give the cookies a delicious light sweetness. The texture within was a pleasing cross between a  puffy palmier and a Little Hearts cookie with no overt hints of breadiness.

Yeasted cookies2

We’ve munched through our first lemon-scented lot and it sure looks like this recipe will become a regular stopover when we flip through our over-stuffed recipe folders.


The cookies started out with a fairly simple dough of flour, butter, lemon zest, salt and yeast, whipped up conveniently in our trusty food processor. A brief first rise, and then we wrapped the dough and chilled it to develop flavours and make the soft dough easier to handle. The only part of this recipe that takes a little time is the shaping of the cookies. If the dough feels too sticky at this point, rolling it in a little granulated sugar will help, as will keeping it in the fridge while working with a few pieces at a time.


We dunked our cookies in homemade lemon curd and enjoyed them over cups of cardamom tea. They taste pretty good even the next day if stored in an airtight container. For the recipe and more tips head on on over to My Diverse Kitchen.

Adapted from A Baker’s Tour by Nick Malgieri

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3 Responses to Sugar-dusted and Caramel Crusted

  1. Apu says:

    They sure look tempting!

  2. Spandana says:

    They look awesome.. I wish I could bite into one of those 🙂

  3. These looks like little rugelach, perfect tea accompaniment!

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