Restaurant Review: Pizza Festival at Mezzaluna

Movenpick Pizza Event

It’s hard to refuse an invitation titled – Amiamo La Pizza! or Fall in love with Pizza, again! We were more than willing to do so, after too many close encounters with tasteless pies turned out by chain pizza joints that we’ve been dragged to by the little pizza-hogs in our families. So off we went for lunch at the Mezzaluna, the specialty Italian restaurant at Movenpick Hotel and Spa Bangalore where they’re running a festival featuring pizza from different regions in Italy until 21st July 2013. We joined a lively group of food bloggers and gourmands at the Chef’s table and were served a selection of thin-crust pizzas, with a choice of regular or wholewheat crust, each paired with complimentary wine from Moncaro.

Movenpick Pizza Event

The Pizza E  Fichi, topped with Parma ham and marinated figs was a great way to start the meal, and it was served with a Templi red wine. The classic sweet-salty duo topped with fresh rucola leaves were highlighted by a light hand on the sauce and cheese. A very satisfying pizza, one that we would have been happy to munch on the rest of the afternoon.

Movenpick Pizza Event

The Braccio di Ferro, a vegetarian pie, was an interesting jumble of jammy caramelised onions, garlicky baby spinach and chunks of a really mild feta. We liked the wholewheat crust option with this pizza, the slight robustness of the crust went well with the delicate sweetness of the onions.

Movenpick Pizza Event

The crisp, almost lavash-like crust was consistently good on all the pizzas and we found ourselves nibbling on the edges too, considering they usually form an ugly pile in a corner of the plate. The decadent Fromaggi, a 4-cheese pizza, lavished with some of our favorite cheeses – provolone, fontina, gorgonzola and parmesan worked perfectly with the thin crust. Anything else would have been overwhelming. One slice of this unabashedly cheesy pizza was all that we could handle. This pizza especially tasted best when it came hot off the oven, since the thick layer of cheese turns slightly tough when cold.

Movenpick Pizza Event

For the chicken fanatics, the Genovise pizza, slathered with basil pesto and generously topped with tiny nuggets of smoked chicken and lightly roasted pine nuts is a flavourful option. We enjoyed this one though the chicken seemed a tad dry from the smoking.

Movenpick Pizza Event

When a pizza is loaded with layer upon layer of delicious toppings like the Contadina from Napoli, it’s got our attention, for sure. The roasted zucchini slices and strips of sweet peppers gave this pizza a bright, splashy look, with the mushrooms, artichokes and sundried tomatoes providing great texture and a melange of flavours. We’d definitely recommend this to vegetarians, who can eat several slices of this pizza and be smug about having knocked off a fair bit from the daily requirement of veggies.

We also tried a slice of the Bufalina, which came topped with chunks of spicy lamb and pools of melted buffalo mozzarella, offset by lots of sliced tomatoes. The lamb was rather chewy for our taste and the tomatoes could have been fresher. This was the only pizza that got a thumbs-down from the table.

Movenpick Pizza Event

And when at Movenpick, can a meal end without a little sweet something? Strawberry ice cream, the best that we’ve eaten in recent times, with a fantastic fresh berry tartness and chunks of fruit to boot is what we ended this fabulous meal with.

Go check out Amiamo La Pizza! at Mezzaluna, we did fall in love with their pizzas and chances are you will too.

Note: The vegetarian pizzas are priced at Rs 450/- and the non-vegetarian ones are Rs. 550/- without tax.

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  3. very good restaurant and a nice local 😉

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