Restaurant Review: Times Gourmet Week – Rim Naam

When we saw the invite to Times City’s Gourmet Week in our inbox, we hastened to check the list of restaurants and within seconds, had narrowed down the choices to a couple, Rim Naam at The Oberoi being one of them. Having been deprived of Thai food after the long spell of hankering as it were, here in Bangalore, it only seemed logical. We traipsed in there this afternoon and this gorgeous decor had us smitten right at the outset.

Rim Naam

The Gourmet Week prix fixe menu at Rim Naam includes an appetizer, main course and dessert for Rs. 1000/- per head  for lunch. For dinner there is also a choice of Vegetable or Chicken Tom Yum soup added on, for 1200/- per head. The promotion is on until Sunday, 21st July and reservations at participating restaurants can be made here by paying Rs. 100. Drinks and taxes are not included in the price mentioned.

Rim Naam

We started off with Potato Samrose from the vegetarian appetiser options. Deep fried wedges of the spud tossed in a sweetish chili sauce and topped with peanut powder. While there’s hardly anything to nitpick about deep fried potatoes, really, we felt that this dish was a misfit of sorts on an otherwise gleaming Thai menu.

Rim Naam

Next were the chicken satays, soft and succulent strips of chicken breast marinated in a mild sauce with hints of lemongrass and Thai spices, and grilled to the right consistency. A rather bland and oily peanut sauce was offered up as a condiment with which to relish these, but we preferred a dollop of the chili sauce on the table. To wash these appetisers down, we chose a lovely Sula harvested Chenin Blanc with heady notes of the season’s finest mangoes.

Rim Naam

The aggressive flavours of the colourful Tom Yum soup that came next were marred by a slew of fibrous slivers of kafir lime leaves and lemongrass. We loved the broth, though, with its typical Thai aroma and the warmth of galangal seeping through.

Rim Naam

The main course was a montage of some of our favorite things, but the first set to manifest on the table seemed a trifle dull in both taste and looks to our discerning senses. When the chef himself appeared at the table and assured us that he’d replace them with the best dishes from his kitchen, we knew he meant serious business. And thus came the Vegetable Pad Thai, which was just right in spice and sweetness, with a heap of peanut powder and a slice of lemon on the side, not to mention the crisp sprouts. The Tofu Krapao was lip-smacking delicious. Cubes of silky tofu deep fried and sautéed in an impressive Thai sauce, with red hot peppers and red capsicum and Krapao leaves, a basil variety bestowed with a kick of heat.

Rim Naam

We were served the most refreshing orange-almond-mocktails and the Pad Thai had to be admired and chronicled twice in order to do justice to how tender the noodles were and how flavorful it was in sum. The Chicken Red Curry hit all the right spots with its spice and coconutty, lemongrassy punches. The little mounds of fluffy white Jasmine rice were gone in a trice, relished with the delicious gravy.

Rim Naam

Dessert was simple, a no-brainer: lemongrass and coconut sorbets. While the lemongrass sorbet didn’t appeal too much – we felt that the fresh, lemongrassy flavor we were expecting was missing – the coconut one tasted like it was right out of the thick, creamy can of coconut milk we were all too used to when in the US. The reason for not using fresh coconut milk, we found out after a discussion with the manager, was simply the unavailability of good coconuts all year through.

With lovely decor and great ambience, the sounds of birds chirping within earshot and the flare of green all around and above as in the canopies, and overall good food that turned out to be a little too filling, we’d go back to Rim Naam if we wanted to savor some select dishes that stood out for us with respect to authentic Thai quotient.

Address – Rim Naam, The Oberoi, MG Road, Bangalore
Promotion – Times Gourmet Week
For queries call Times City at 080-41566337 / 41
Accepts cards: Yes
Parking: Valet
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2 Responses to Restaurant Review: Times Gourmet Week – Rim Naam

  1. Ruth DSouza says:

    Sounds Lovely Ruchira… the pictures show it must have been a great meal. You know I mistook this festival to be the Citibank Chef’s table event, the other day when we spoke. I made a booking for us at Harima… hope it goes as well…

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