Restaurant Review – Cafe of Joy

It wouldn’t be far from the truth if we said we were filled with, well, joy when we heard about the Cafe of Joy. Having to battle time constraints and tight schedules in order to actually go there, owing to being in the thick of the festive season, did disappoint a little, but it was worth the wait.

Right from the moment we set foot in the cafe, to the time that we left, bearing goodies for our little ones, we were charmed by the pristine and inviting spread of white, the warm touches of lavender all around, and the divine aromas of baked flours and cheeses and sugars filling our lungs.

Cafe of Joy is a neat little place with a choice weekly menu that will have everyone who cares about that fuzzy, homely feeling when they eat a meal that’s not just easy on the eyes, but tastes delicious too from start to finish, drooling. With a variety of quiches and breads to choose from for the main course, we started off nibbling and pecking at a few of them, but couldn’t resist filling ourselves with the wholesomeness of the fresh baked breads, especially the 3-seeded German bread.

We also tried and loved the Flammkuchen with peppers and onions as well as bacon. The chicken meatloaf was quite alright but by then we were ready to dig into something sweet and picked apple streusel and the chocolate cheesecake, both good choices. We washed everything down with perfectly delightful cups of coffee and left with smiles that reached our eyes.

Below is a series of snapshots from our visit, and pictures, as they say, do speak a thousand words. But we recorded some real ones in a quick session of Ten Questions with Joy Basu who is a lovely and vivacious host.

Cafe of Joy

Ten Questions With Joy Basu

1. When and how was Cafe of Joy born?
I have been thinking of running a food business for the last decade, given that I am a huge foodie and have been on many holidays with the itinerary centered around finding the best food, wine or ambience! Since 2006 I have been a serial Entrepreneur – so while in living in Europe last year I decided to make my passion my purpose and bring the experience I had in many quaint cafes and bakeries back to Bangalore.

Cafe of Joy

2. What drives your passion to be up and about every morning and be immersed in flours and sugars?

To me starting the day in my café is about creating a place where people visiting feel at home – and I look forward to ending the day with memories of our guests spending time with us, promising to come back often and letting their friends and family know about us. I believe that the best interactions occur over a cup of good coffee, a delicious snack or a meal and a memorable experience – and I want to be known as someone who enables this.

Cafe of Joy

3. Where do you source your ingredients from? Do you use any imported stuff?

I am fortunate to have identified many qualified suppliers here in India – though for some of our unique offerings some ingredients are still sourced from the networks I established while living in Europe.

Cafe of Joy4. What gives you more joy, being at the forefront of managing the business or behind the scenes where you watch the dough rise and fall?

Both as one without the other doesn’t quite work – my goal is about scaling a sustainable business that creates Cafes of Joy in many neighborhoods for people to experience a good coffee, a delicious snack or a meal so I do not let anything be served from our kitchen without tasting and satisfying myself that it would be what I would serve to people in my home.

Cafe of Joy

5. Pick your favorite from the bakes that you sell.

The Sacher Torte The thin crust German/French Flammkuchen The Ciabatta The Monkey Bread Buttermilk Orange zest cake with cream cheese frosting …I have to keep my husband and son away from these otherwise we would run short for our customers!

Cafe of Joy

6. What’s the best compliment you’ve received so far from a customer?

I am blessed with the good wishes shared by people who have visited us. One of them, a chef from South Africa said – “This is one of the nicest meals I have had so far in Bangalore.  I have a vision for you – that every table will be full and there will be a line of people waiting outside…” I am working towards making that vision come true!

7. What’s the biggest challenge you face?

Ensuring that my team is well trained and feels as passionately about the Café as I do is where I spend most of my time.

Cafe of Joy

8. In one sentence, if you could sum up Cafe of Joy for our readers, in a way that would draw them in, what would it be?

I invite people to come to Café of Joy – as this is a place which should feel like an extension of their homes where they are valued and cared for, where they can share a coffee with friends and family or spend some time with themselves and enjoy a snack or meal that brings a taste of Europe in every slice!

Cafe of Joy

9. For a menu that changes every week, what would you say is the best part that lures your regulars in?

I believe the freshness of the food, uniqueness of our menu and consistent quality of our food – multiplies the experience as we aim to personalize the service – by making it a point to try and remember what each customer likes!

Cafe of Joy

10. And finally, what’s the best part about living your dream, and the worst.

The best part is that my purpose and passion are now the same. The worst is when my son tells me I am not as aware of the happenings in his school as I used to be when I was not running this – though I feel he is quite OK with that!

Café of Joy

(Closed Sundays)
No.8, Siddhapura,
(Next to Bhagini Iris restaurant)
Whitefield Main Road,
Ph: +91 9886329015
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2 Responses to Restaurant Review – Cafe of Joy

  1. These are nice and loving cookies to taste. I will try cream cheese frosting and see how it works with biscuits.

  2. Jamie says:

    VEry nice looking delicacies you have in your review. I would like to try those one time.

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