Book Release: Around The World With The Tadka Girls

We are D-E-L-I-G-H-T-E-D to announce our latest book from Westland-Tranquebar PressAround The World With The Tadka Girls.

Around the World with the Tadka Girls

We invite you to take a peek into our world, to savor slices of our real-life stories, ranging from visits to a school potluck, to a drive down a wine trail in a Midwestern American town. Come, share these intimate moments, as well as the fruits of our labors, with us.

Go to your nearest bookstore, or online (Flipkart, AmazonSapna, rediffeBay), grab a copy, and send us a note, a pic (of you, the book, or both), and just do your thing, while we pour us some bubbly after all the toiling we’ve been upto!

If you’d like to review the book, please get in touch with us on: Thank you for your support and encouragement these past two years and we hope you’ll keep coming by for a slice of Tadka Pasta fare!

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