Review – Chocolate Tour at Jus’Trufs Chocolaterie

Living in the ‘burbs has its merits, no doubt – swanky eateries within an arm’s reach, and even trips to specialty stores clocked in a few kilometers to buy a block of imported cheese, or exotic produce. But when it’s a call between fine chocolate and long distance commute, we’d pick the former. Which is just what we did by traversing half the city, stopping just short of the international airport, and heading on over to Jus’Trufs, Bangalore’s one of a kind chocolate boutique, for their chocolate tour.


A warm welcome awaited us the moment we stirred into the chocolaterie, literally and figuratively – a strong, heady dose of cocoa in a chocolate shot – to set the mood for what was to come.

justrufs2Upstairs was a well organized set up of slides and a suave speaker, who took us through the history of not just the chocolaterie, but of chocolate itself. Informative and illuminating facts about the conducive environmental conditions for growing cocoa, right down to how the bitter, dark beans are transformed into edible chocolate, were discussed at length.

justrufs3Then came the exciting part of the session – getting hands-on experience with making chocolate truffles. Different forms of chocolate – white, milk, dark – were not only tinkered with, but tasted. We even got to grind the nibs and sample them in all their biting, tingling, raw glory. There were pre-made batches of chocolate ganache for the truffle starter exercise, which got off to a rather good beginning with marbled balls, dark chocolate solos and white chocolate solos being the popular choices.

Tadka cooking-002Next, the chocolate callets were melted, and the tempering process was demonstrated by the head chocolatier, followed by every participant taking a shot at it, some willingly and some not so willingly, given the amount of elbow grease it involved. The tempering done, the chocolate balls being left to set in the fridge were dunked in the melted chocolate, with a host of fun sprinkles at our disposal to add finishing touches to the creations.


While the truffles went back into the refrigerator, we sat around and nibbled on some tasty sandwiches and talked about the journey of the Jus’Trufs’ team, among other things. Finally, the truffles were boxed and readied to take home, and those interested walked right down to the shop to pick up their choice of handmade chocolates and holiday treats. After a quick peek into the factory where the chocolates are handmade and boxed for customised orders, we were homeward bound, nibbling on our very own, handcrafted truffles.

This chocolate tour is a unique and fun experience, and although a mite steep at 2000/- per head, we recommend it if you’re a die-hard chocolate lover. Even better if you have a child or children to take along, or are looking to celebrate a special day doing something interesting. To schedule your personalised chocolate tour, contact Jus’Trufs on:

Location: Jus’Trufs Cafe, Jakkur Road, Jakkur, Bangalore 560064.

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