Restaurant Review – Sunday Brunch at Ultra High Lounge

Sunday Brunch @ Ultra High

The High Ultra Lounge, in our humble opinion, has two star attractions – the spectacular ambiance, and the delectable pan Asian creations of Chef Zhang and his dynamic team. This beautifully planned lounge space sprawled on top of the World Trade Centre in Malleswaram, Bangalore is now host to the newly launched Sunday Brunch Menu, with a wonderful spread of food and drink that truly encourages one to relax and enjoy a laid-back afternoon before facing the rush of the week (and traffic) ahead.

Sunday Brunch @ Ultra High

Much has been written about the 31st floor view here, and yes, it sure is breathtaking. At that height one would imagine that the casual outdoor seating stays breezy and pleasantly cool but if you are getting too much Sun in your eyes, then retiring to the cool, comfortable atmosphere of the indoor bar is always an option. We mostly stayed put outside, where the smokiness of the grill in the background and some peppy music added to the lively atmosphere, and the steady stream of drinks and dishes kept us happy and satisfied.

Sunday Brunch @ Ultra High

The Sunday brunch includes an unlimited selection of cocktails, wine, sangria, beer, mocktails and more. There are buffet counters for soup and salad where one can customise one’s plate or bowl with leafy greens, beautifully prepared vegetable garnishes and cooked meats. Hot appetizers, grills, sushi, dimsum and more can be picked up from the buffet, or if you’re not feeling up for the walk, then you can just place your order and the dishes are speedily brought to the tables by the super friendly and attentive staff.

We started off with Asian Spiced Potato Chips that were seriously addictive and perfect to munch on while going over the menu to decide on what to gorge on first.

Sunday Brunch @ Ultra High

The maki rolls were being prepared fresh by the chefs and totally lived up to our expectations in terms of freshness, taste and presentation. There were also options with avocado, cucumber and vegetable tempura rolls which met with the approval of the vegetarian diners at our table.

Sunday Brunch @ Ultra High

Dim sum are always a crowd-pleaser and it is easy to eat one too many when they come fresh and steaming to the table. The translucent packages with Corn and Nuts were light and clean-tasting and there was a pan-fried option too, beautifully toasted-up and stuffed with minced vegetables. Dainty dumplings with pork and onion and the Char Sui Buns were lovely and we just about stopped short of making a meal out of these steamed beauties.

Sunday Brunch @ Ultra High

The Chicken Wings hot off the outdoor grill were deliciously charred, succulent and finger-licking good. Another winner was the herbed Sweet Corn Coriander – sliced off the cob, grilled on skewers and brushed with a fresh herb paste. We didn’t expect to enjoy the obligatory paneer dish but it was quite deliciously saucy and the paneer was soft and melted in the mouth.

They were also serving several deep-fried munchies – tempura, which we didn’t opt for that day and a very crunchy Chicken Tonkasu (breaded chicken bites) with a creamy dipping sauce.

Sunday Brunch @ Ultra High

The main course had 3 curries on offer – Thai Red Curry, Randang Curry and Vietnamese Yellow Curry – and to go with them, a choice of fried/steamed rice or noodles. We tried the first two curries and appreciated the smooth depth of flavour of the Randang Curry (this came with chunks of chicken). The Thai Red Curry with tender-crisp vegetables went well with steamed rice and struck all the right lemongrass-y and galangal notes.

Sunday Brunch @ Ultra High

After the excesses of the meal all we wanted from the dessert table was a just a wee bite of sweetness. There were four desserts in dainty, two-bite portions and a large, inviting platter of fresh fruit. We liked the Orange Creme Brulee, which had us digging into the creamy pudding for the syrupy caramel underneath. The Lemon Cheesecake is good for those who like a mild and slightly muted lemon flavour in their desserts. We would rather go for a stronger punch of lemony tartness but the cake was pleasant nevertheless. Cubes of chocolate brownies and a bowl of Chocolate Darsaan rounded off the sweet offerings. This isn’t an overly lavish sweet least for those folks who head over to check out the dessert buffet on priority basis.

We totally recommend that you check out the Sunday Brunch at Ultra High Lounge the next time you’re scouting for an exciting way to spend a Sunday. Here are some details –

Address – Ultra High Lounge, Brigade Gateway, Malleswaram, Bangalore

Website –

Timing – 12:30 pm and 4:30 pm

Meal cost – Rs. 1999/- plus taxes (including unlimited food and beverages

Call – 080 – 4567 4567

Parking – Valet

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