Restaurant Review: Lunch @ Riwaz, The Ritz Carlton

Lunch at Riwaz

Riwaz at the Ritz Carlton is one of the finest restaurants in Bangalore, serving authentic and inspired North-west Frontier cuisine. Chef Ramandeep had hosted us for dinner at Riwaz not too long ago, and what a grand and unforgettable experience that meal was! When we heard that they are now open for lunch, we had to take them up on their invitation to go and check it out. So, off we trotted to the Ritz once more, and after trudging through the infamous Bangalore traffic and coping with inconveniently AWOL taxis, reached in plenty of time for the first course.

What is now on offer at Riwaz is a prix fixe three-course quick business lunch, that gives the vegetarian as well as the non-vegetarian diner several choice points in each course. The chefs promise that the entire experience would take not more than 45 minutes, though it did take considerably longer for our group that day. The all-inclusive pricing of Rs. 1200/-with taxes, is a definite attraction and gives folks a great opportunity to get a taste of the Riwaz classics, relax in the distinctive ambiance and of course, enjoy the impeccable service.

Lunch at Riwaz

Bhatti Da Kukkud, Jaali designs on the windows, saffron cream brew

The first course brought us the Bhatti Da Kukkud – chicken that had been marinated in mustard oil and “Bhatti Masala”, and chargrilled. The chicken was succulent, and the little salad and red chili chutney that came with the dish added crunch and freshness. We couldn’t really taste the zing of mustard but the spices were beautifully melded and quite perfect.

Lunch at Riwaz

Tandoori roti, Subz dum biriyani, Saag Murgh, Subz dum biriyani

For the main course one can select a bread-based meal that consists of a choice of main course, with a bowl of Dal Makhani, Steam Rice and Chef’s Bread Basket served alongside. The other option is a biriyani-based meal, where the Subz or Murgh Dum Biriyani is served with a raita.

The Saag murgh that came as the main course was simply prepared and very delicious, the ginger, garlic and caraway flavouring the velvety saag nicely, and nary a streak of cream in sight. We’d recommend pairing plain tandoori rotis with this dish to go along with its rustic, home-style flavours. The Dal Makhani that is also part of the meal, was spot-on, with a depth of flavour that long, slow simmering brings.

The other dish we tried was the Subz Dum biriyani. The presentation of the Riwaz biriyani is quite spectacular. The rice is given dum under a thick, flaky layer of golden pastry that is peeled away at the table to reveal the delicious, herb-scented hot biriyani underneath. This is the route to go for biriyani fans.

Lunch at Riwaz

Dessert gives one a choice of gulab jamun, fresh fruit or kulfi. Our vote goes to the kulfi, which comes in two flavours, with a dark chocolate disk and some blingy gold foil too. Now, who can resist that!

A great deal and good food is what awaits you at lunchtime at Riwaz! Here are some details –

Address: Riwaz, The Ritz-Carlton,

No. 99, Residency Road, Bangalore 560025

Phone: +91 80 4914 8000

Hours of operation: 12:30 to 3pm (Mon to Sat)

Valet parking

Credit cards accepted

Meal for one: Rs. 1200/- including taxes

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