Around Town: Buffalo Back Organic

buffalo back organic store Bangalore

At the end of our post The Mighty Millet Matters we had promised to share here a few pictures and notes about the charming venue. And this post is all about Buffalo Back, which is an organic studio that operates from Jayanagar and Yelahanka in Bangalore. They carry an extensive range of local and natural products that they source from farmers and co-operatives across the country. The stores also carry fresh vegetables from their farm off Bannerghatta road on a designated day of the week at each store, and they home-deliver fresh foodstuff to select areas in Bangalore.

For the last 2 years our family has been enjoying just-picked greens, tasty seasonal vegetables, fruit and dry goods from Buffalo Back, and we believe that they have made a significant difference to our health and well-being. Buying organic is a matter of trust, and Buffalo Back has our trust for not just the fact that the food is organically produced but that is produced and sold to us in ways that are sustainable and fair to the farmers and workers.

buffalo back organic store Bangalore

Buffalo Back also stocks heirloom varieties of staples like rajma, black horsegram, nanga jou or unhulled barley, Emmer (Farro) and Khatiya varieties of wheat and their flour, all kinds of millets and an amazing range of rices including Black rice, Bamboo rice, Rajmudi rice and Red rice.

If you’ve been looking for the very elusive free-range eggs you can pick up cartons of Happy Hens eggs here, which are our family’s favourite. They also work with other farms in Uttarakhand, Himachal and Ooty to bring us fresh produce like apples, rhubarb, broccoli, strawberries and speciality products right from the source.

buffalo back organic store Bangalore

Thanks to Buffalo Back we’ve switched to organic, cold-pressed oils, and alternate between the peanut, coconut, sesame and mustard oils that are available here. They also carry ghee made with desi cow and buffalo milk. Buffalo Back grows their own cacao and you can find the dried cacao beans, as well as raw cacao powder that they have processed at the farm.

Other not to be missed specialities in the store include the apple cider vinegar that they make themselves, all natural rock and sea salts that are great for cooking as well as for medicinal uses and their handcrafted all-natural soap bar creations.

Buffalo Back Organic store bangalore

We also found some comfortable-looking clothes here made from earthy organic cottons, and there was a nice selection of mud pots and earthenware dishes, along with ladles made with natural materials.


We’ve experienced Buffalo Back’s strive to reduce packaging waste and appreciate their efforts to move to a zero-waste enterprise. Our weekly order is delivered in pretty cane baskets or carry bags that we empty and handover right back for reuse. Glass bottles, jute bags, cloth bags, paper bags..they use every eco-friendly packaging possible to keep the use of plastics to a minimum.

Here’s a quote from a facebook post by Buffalo Back – “Our efforts will always be to either eliminate or minimise packaging of real organic food. No branding – from real small marginal genuine organic farmers across Karnataka and neighbouring states (effort to stay as local as possible). And only heirloom landrace varieties of grains and pulses/ legumes. Sold loose/ bulk in reusable cloth bags and recycled glass bottles and jars, all of which you can return and reuse. Or better still – bring your own containers and bags.”

Do visit the Buffalo Back stores in Jayanagar or Yelahanka New Town for an old world experience of buying groceries, and vegetables that are actually local and farm-fresh, and not just labelled so by marketing gurus. You won’t find a new wave enterprise here that’s shiny and modern but your bags can be loaded with real food that is grown in a manner that is healthful for the soil, the farmers and the consumers.


Buffalo Back,

Jayanagar – 43, Mountain Street, Jayanagar 1st Block East, opposite Madhavan Park, Bangalore, India

Yelahanka – Self Financed Society 208 Colony, Yelahanka New Town, Bengaluru, 560064


Note: The views and recommendations expressed in this post are our own and we have not been compensated for the same by anyone. 


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