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From Italian to Mediterranean, we know how to spruce up cuisines one tantalizing Tadka turn at a time

Crunchy, Caramely Broccoli Rabe

It’s hard to ignore the piles of crisp, organic dark greens with those little broccoli-like heads peeking out in good measure when we’re on a weekly round to the summer market, given that the families are easily known for their, … Continue reading

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Spruced Up and Trimmed Down – Thai-style Summer Salad

After one has spent half the morning clearing up the post breakfast debris, loading the dishwasher, wiping the countertop for the zillionth time to remove the pulverized egg shell motes and coffee spills..and the other half just soaking in a … Continue reading

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Creamy, Dreamy, Rustic Relish – Risotto

There’s something to be said of the season’s first downpour that makes one want to scurry to the kitchen to stir up a potful of something warm, something soothing, something..delicious. The pattering of those raindrops provides a perfect acoustic setting … Continue reading

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Leafing Through Greener Possibilities – Nutty Arugula Pesto

The powerful, pungent, peppery taste of Arugula is not for the unadventurous or unenthused palates. Its slightly snappy, slightly acrid essence is hard to miss even when it is tossed with baby tomatoes and semisoft mozzarella cubes in a sharp, … Continue reading

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Crazy About Khichdi

The weekday task list often rears its head like a behemoth at one, greedy for attention and conscientious execution, but when it’s time for the groceries, a small wave of delight rises in one, considering the samples stations one is … Continue reading

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Smitten by Spaghetti – Pasta with Creamed Greens

Whether one is secretly hoping to get a glimpse into a noted chef’s diary while sitting right outside his Tuscan kitchen, clanking the silverware against melon-colored plates with handpainted vine motifs coiling along their rims, in anticipation of the perfect … Continue reading

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Currying Up for Comfort – Thai-style Yellow Curry

When the silk of creamy coconut blends with the dewy freshness of lemongrass, the opulence of select spices and the warmth of garlic, onion, a turmeric-tinted gravy..for colorful peppers, florid broccoli and crisped tofu strips to soak in..even the … Continue reading

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Pow Wow! Kung Pao Potatoes

The groan of the monotony writhes its way from Manic Monday through Freaky Friday, leaving little scope for the mistress of the kitchen to conjure up a happy picture of the family at dinnertime. The vegetables are barely pecked at … Continue reading

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Southern Biscuits Spiked With Spice

There’s something intensely satisfying about breaking the cold edges of butter into flour, whether one is an avid baker whose fingertips are well-worn with the feel of this gravelly, floury mixture, or an eager newbie who wishes to break that … Continue reading

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Spring into The New Year..

In Chinese cuisine, textures and flavors play a pivotal role in creating a well-rounded menu. And the art that marries the two in perfect harmony is known as tiaowei. This New Year’s, we’re borrowing from that ideology to create a … Continue reading

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