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Shades of Red: Monochrome Salad

Aesthetics is such an integral part of food that it’s hardly surprising that most of the big trends to make a splash in the culinary world are rooted in it. Whether a fad decrees that you work with a particular … Continue reading

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Warm & Delightful Tropical Bread

The sun has been particularly ruthless lately here in Bangalore. While we get through our days with tall pitchers of iced tea and melt into a sweet puddle of delight at the very mention of ice cream, there’s also the … Continue reading

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Green, Mean Peas ‘n Potato Patties

Between the torment of summer’s early onset and the intangible promise of rain, there lies, rather unperturbed, a desire to eat bite-sized portions of little somethings, rather than full-fledged meals. Evenings bring out a craving for chaat and related snacks, and if the … Continue reading


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Soup Splash with Carrots and Leeks

We’ve had a really short spring in our part of the world this year, with the cool winter days transforming almost overnight, and giving us a taste of summer even in the usually balmy month of February. Because of this the vegetable … Continue reading

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Restaurant Review: Shang Palace

The Shangri-La Hotel opened its doors to Bangalore a few months ago and now offers a range of fine dining experiences, including the specialty Chinese restaurant, Shang Palace. The restaurant serves regional cuisine from many parts of China, with a … Continue reading

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Restaurant Review: Monkey Bar, Indiranagar

Monkey Bar has been on our must-go list ever since we moved back to Bangalore. We’ve heard and read so much about Chef Manu Chandra, the quirky Monkey Bar ambiance, the superb food, and of course the cocktails. So, it is … Continue reading

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Honey I Made a Hash of It!

It was long ago, at a stall in the Saturday Night Market in Westfield Shopping Center in Auckland that the first coloured cauliflower varieties were spotted. Vivid and distinct in both appearance and appeal, the purple, green and orange cauliflower … Continue reading

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The Everyday Side Dish – A Pickle No More

From raging reds to flaming yellows, Springy greens to pristine whites, the colors of Indian food are as much a feast to the hungry eyes as they are to the discerning nose and desirous taste buds. Red hot chilies and … Continue reading

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Comfort in a bowl – Chickpea Flour Stew with Vegetables

Never is the average Indian square meal so immaculate than as evidenced in the multifarious side dishes that lend themselves to the little mounds of fluffy, hot, white rice in the center of the plate. There are vegetables braised, boiled, … Continue reading

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Curried and Creamy..Carrots And Peas

Sometimes the simplest of things bring the most joy, like witnessing handpicked apples being washed and bitten into by tiny sets of teeth, watching a holiday movie for the umpteenth time while munching on old-fashioned, kettle-fresh popcorn and laughing collectively at … Continue reading

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