Gourmet Mixes

Tadka Pasta recently launched a fine range of gourmet baking mixes and spice blends in Bangalore, India. Our products are homemade with high quality, all-natural ingredients like imported cocoa and pure vanilla, and we use no artificial colours or flavours, preservatives, margarine or agents.

Tadka Pasta baking mixes are the ultimate time savers that give perfect results in a jiffy, whether you’re a newbie at baking or a pro in a hurry. We stock brownie, cake and cookie mixes at present – these are packaged in a eco-friendly re-usable glass jar.

Our beautifully blended spice seasonings for pasta, pizza and tacos take the guesswork out of cooking and are a great alternative to stocking a shelf-full of spices in your pantry.

Fantastic Fudge Brownie Mix

Brownie Mixes:
1) Fantastic Fudge Brownie Mix
2) Double Whammy – Choco Chip Brownie Mix
3) Nutty Fudge Brownie Mix

Cake Mixes:
1) Cocoa Rush Chocolate Cake Mix (Eggless)
2) Warm ‘n Nice Raisin Spice Cake Mix (Eggless & Whole-wheat)

Cookie Mixes:
Jolly Oats ‘n Choco-Chip Cookie Mix

Chatpati Taco Seasoning

Spice Blends:
1) Chatpati Taco Seasoning
2) Peppy Pasta Seasoning
3) Perky Pizza Seasoning

Our products available for pick up at 2 convenient locations – JP Nagar & Bellandur, Bangalore. For details, write to us: tadkapasta@gmail.com. 


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