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Granola..As You Love It

The term “Granola” probably makes you conjure up a scene in 1970s Los Angeles, zooming into Sunset Boulevard, perhaps, where Hollywood stars ordered their power breakfasts brimming with high-protein ingredients like chia seeds, tossed with hand-pounded crunchy oats and grande … Continue reading


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Treading Gingerly on Ice Cold Territory

When your wet feet leave prints on the poolside concrete that dry up in a heartbeat under the summer sun’s glare, you’d want to sink your teeth deep into these decadent ice cream sandwiches and leave no trace behind, even if … Continue reading

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Green Beans Coco-nut-ine

The green bean makes its appearance in the local supermarket in an array of avatars, each so different that a judicious taster would be pressured to name them in a blind taste-test. A chance encounter with the canned version reveals spongy, … Continue reading

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