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Piping Hot, Sticky Sweet

The Indian palate is well-accustomed to the stipulated mixing in of flavours – be it hot and sweet, or sour and spicy. Still, those fall on the ends of a broad spectrum of tastes, with the fine, nameless nuances of … Continue reading

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Toasty Roasted Baby Potatoes

It doesn’t take too long for us to munch our way through a kilogram or more of potatoes as a family. Somehow this pantry staple manages to sneak into our meals, bulking up vegetable curries, binding cutlets and paratha fillings, … Continue reading

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Green, Mean Peas ‘n Potato Patties

Between the torment of summer’s early onset and the intangible promise of rain, there lies, rather unperturbed, a desire to eat bite-sized portions of little somethings, rather than full-fledged meals. Evenings bring out a craving for chaat and related snacks, and if the … Continue reading

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The Everyday Side Dish – A Pickle No More

From raging reds to flaming yellows, Springy greens to pristine whites, the colors of Indian food are as much a feast to the hungry eyes as they are to the discerning nose and desirous taste buds. Red hot chilies and … Continue reading

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Tadka-licious Roasted Asparagus and Mashed Potatoes

With Spring in the air, there are ample signs of newness burgeoning around. The season’s first rush of asparagus is just one of them. After making do with winter’s stony victuals and stock vegetables, it’s hard to pass up a … Continue reading

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The Snooty Samosa Marries The Polite Pie

It’s snooty, the samosa. Sitting pretty on your fancy tray as it goes around your schmancy party, it’s a finger food that woos with wanton. Everyone loves to sink their teeth into the deep-fried goodness of this pompous pastry, but … Continue reading

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