One of the premium extensions of what Tadka Pasta has grown to be since its inception as a humble food blog in 2011, is the custom-made Cooking Workshop module. We basically conduct cooking workshops for individuals, corporates and schools. The primary focus in our workshops is skill-building, and the whole experience is meant to take the participants on a cultural and culinary sojourn from market to table.

CIS Workshop

We work with various themes, both local and globally inspired, and ensure that all our participants get to have a hands-on experience, be it from the prepping and cooking perspective, or a sensory angle, where they are exposed to a gratifying intimacy with the ingredients.


Whether it is in the comfort of a home kitchen, an office/ school cafeteria or a commercial kitchen, we make sure the participants are comfortable and well engaged.


We believe that food history is just as fascinating as food itself, and so all our workshops provide a window of learning into the cuisine being showcased, starting with associated traditions, to the manner in which food is typically served on the table, and all the stories in between.

Italian Eats

We provide detailed notes and recipe cards for the participants to take home, and usually end the session with a sampling round of all the prepared delicacies.

Junior Bakeathon

To learn more and to schedule a workshop that suits your requirements, connect with us on any of our social media platforms, and we will get back to you at the earliest.

CIS Workshop6

Some of our Past workshops:


FitKids Nutrition and Cooking Camp

Life Skills

Go Local

Festive Celebration

Junior Bake-a-thon


Corporate Team Building Workshop


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