Restaurant Review: Christmas Brunch at Novotel

NovotelChr Brunch

It may not be a white Christmas like so many we’ve celebrated together, but the feasting is something we can’t be expected to give up. A four-course Christmas lunch was just what we needed to get us into the spirit of the season, and the promise of Chef Kailash Gundupalli preparing traditional Christmas specialties drew us and a few other blogger friends to the Novotel Hotel in Bangalore on a sunny Tuesday afternoon.

NovotelChr Brunch1

The mulled wine was a lovely way to start the meal, reminding us of the familiar Refreshing Reisling recipe in our new cookbook, Around the World with the Tadka Girls. We also tried some of the pretty mocktails and cocktails on offer; do note, however, that these are not included in the Christmas lunch package.

NovotelChr Brunch2

The chef’s opening dish was a soft and deliciously cheesy concoction topped with a crisp beetroot chip and set on a smear of balsamic. The roasted pumpkin soup drizzled with drops of truffle oil was a delight too, though we felt that the serving was really big for a soup course and wondered that it would ruin our appetite for the rest of the meal.

NovotelChr Brunch3

The appetizers were colourful and flavourful. A bright and fresh salad for the vegetarians, their only quibble being that the French beans used were not tender. The scallop and confit of pork belly combo absolutely hit the spot, with a few lightly dressed greens to provide a foil for the rich deliciousness of the pork. A palate cleanser followed, in the form of a pineapple sorbet and here we enjoyed the hints of cracked pepper here with the sweet-tart pineapple.

NovotelChr Brunch4

The star of the main course was the mille feuille of cottage cheese and vegetables. The turkey dish included dark and light meat with a scoop of whipped potatoes, gravy and some ribbon vegetables, again a really large portion and lacking the flavour that we had enjoyed in the earlier courses. The impressive looking grilled beef tenderloin too got a nod from our fellow diners who said that it paired well with the curry sauce.

NovotelChr Brunch5

What can we say about the dessert platter! Christmas cake with a crackling sugar glaze, plum pudding with a light brandy sauce, stollen fried in butter, mince pie with raspberry sauce and a light vanilla gelato to round things off. Though all the goodies were in the traditional style we could not help but wish for a lighter option after the heavy meal.

NovotelChr Brunch6

A choice of tea or coffee and cookies is included in the package and we lingered over our cappuccinos before we could muster up to the thought of the long drive home. We really enjoyed the meal and felt that it had a nice blend of modern and traditional elements.

This special Christmas 4 Course menu will be served at Lunch and Dinner on 25th Dec, 2013 at the Square, Novotel, Bellandur, Bangalore and is priced at Rs 999 + taxes. A glass of mulled wine is included.

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    Brilliant photography!

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