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Tadka Travels – Magical Mysore

Volumes have already been recorded about the magnificence of Mysore, the land of spices, silk and sandalwood, as the word goes, and should you want to plan a quick trip to this lovely little town just about 150 kms from … Continue reading

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Piping Hot, Sticky Sweet

The Indian palate is well-accustomed to the stipulated mixing in of flavours – be it hot and sweet, or sour and spicy. Still, those fall on the ends of a broad spectrum of tastes, with the fine, nameless nuances of … Continue reading

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Restaurant Review: Fabelle Chocolates

“Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” Growing up, there were few things more exciting than receiving a box of filled chocolates, poring over the little descriptions printed on the … Continue reading

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Picnic-friendly Pizza Muffins

When you love pizza you are wont to find more than one way to savour those salty, savory flavours, that cheese oozing smoothly into puddles, stretched lazily in cream and toasty brown tones over tart tomatoes, the oregano asserting its grassy intensity on your tongue. For us, … Continue reading

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Warm & Delightful Tropical Bread

The sun has been particularly ruthless lately here in Bangalore. While we get through our days with tall pitchers of iced tea and melt into a sweet puddle of delight at the very mention of ice cream, there’s also the … Continue reading

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Toasty Roasted Baby Potatoes

It doesn’t take too long for us to munch our way through a kilogram or more of potatoes as a family. Somehow this pantry staple manages to sneak into our meals, bulking up vegetable curries, binding cutlets and paratha fillings, … Continue reading

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Masaledar Millets – Vangi Bath

  Rice and wheat make up our world. Or at least, they make their appearance at almost every meal we eat. To change this up  bit, we decided to try putting millets on the table a few times a week. … Continue reading

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Summer Starter: Grated Mango Pickle

We’ve been to strawberry, pumpkin and apple patches quite a few times while we were in the US, an outing that everyone in the family enjoyed. What’s not to love about those convenient pick-your-own farms? A hard-working farmer does all the work … Continue reading

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Green, Mean Peas ‘n Potato Patties

Between the torment of summer’s early onset and the intangible promise of rain, there lies, rather unperturbed, a desire to eat bite-sized portions of little somethings, rather than full-fledged meals. Evenings bring out a craving for chaat and related snacks, and if the … Continue reading

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Dehlvi Cuisine Showcase

Old Delhi is renowned for its culinary heritage, and though I’ve eaten my way through many meals that have their origins there, a weekend wholly dedicated to Dehlvi cuisine sounded wonderful and quite irresistible. This entire experience was hosted by JW Marriot … Continue reading

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