Very Berry Snow Cone

Summer surrender is not about packing on those calories by ceding to the call of ice cream shops. It’s about simply quenching your thirst, about feeling cool as a cucumber..the way you feel when you’re surrounded by the air of mysticism that stems from the salt crystals at the Galos caves. Try our cholesterol-free, low-cal, Very Berry treat — ice shaved to a glassy ruffle in your food processor or blender and topped with a strawberry sauce that you can whip up in a flash — just macerate a bunch of juicy berries with sugar, add a squirt of lemon juice and a pinch of salt, blend and strain. A splash of vodka and a dash of rock salt, if you so please, would round it off perfectly well. Cradled in a paper cone, this dairy-free chuski is best slurped on outdoors, standing, perhaps slightly bent your porch takes in the red drippings..and what should follow, unshakably then, is a sprinkler spin, with Quashie crooning “I like to move it..” in the background..

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