A Tricolour Dhokla Dhamaka

When breakfast hour closes in on a holiday, especially if it’s one that celebrates the nation, and its freedom, it’s no place for the typical Sundayesque lazy bones to idle and lounge around. There’s ample rattling of these bones while the deft hands work up their magic to rustle up a special something for the suitably famished family. It’s funny how the mind, when put thus to task, reminisces the little things that made Independence Day special when one was a school-going eager beaver. The sound of patriotic themed songs on Vividh Bharati, the AIR program, reverberating from the Philips radio in the kitchen while Mom whipped up those signature tri-colour treats – white bread sandwiches finished off with spiced carrots, freshly grated coconut and generous smatterings of herbs..or carrot halwa topped with home-made khoa and pistachos – all redolent of and pointing to precious moments spent in the living room, watching the parade on Doordarshan, savouring every bite of these goodies with the family. This then, our Tiranga Suji Dhokla, is not only a tribute to those precious memories, but to the present, to our children..who are used to eating healthy in a fun way as long as we can help it..and to the spirit of August the 15th as we know and love it.

This post is extra special because it not only marks Independence day in India but also celebrates our friendship with Bangalore-based blogger – Shirley. In the short time that we’ve known Shirley and her blog – Enriching Your Kid! we’ve come to like and respect her and her work. A clinical psychologist by profession, an avid gardener and creator of healthful meals for her kids, this talented lady makes it all look so easy.

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When Shirley asked us to do a guest post for Independence Day over at her blog, we knew we had to create a Tadka treat that’s suitably patriotic, something fun, healthful, kid-friendly and of course, a cinch to put together. Our Tiranga Suji Dhokla hits the spot for breakfast or brunch and will have the little ones clamouring to help measure and stir at your elbows. And it would be totally appropriate if you were to cut your dhokla cake while singing “Happy Birthday India”.

Head on over to our guest post at Enriching Your Kid! for the recipe and check out all the wonderful ideas for baby food, school lunches and snacks. And thank you, Shirley for your friendship and for sharing your space with us.

For the perfect tricolour dessert, do check out our Tirangi Kulfi –

Tirangi Kulfi

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36 Responses to A Tricolour Dhokla Dhamaka

  1. Sra says:

    How nice! I just used this word in another comment somewhere else but I have to use it again, it’s glorious!

  2. mactoffee says:

    The images are soo yummy looking , I want to put my hand through the screen and eat it NOW !

  3. Shirley says:

    A TADKA treat it is, and one that truly hits the spot!!! Thanks again, lovely ladies.

  4. veenashankar says:

    So Yummy national day treat! lovely dish


  5. vanamala says:

    wow nice …pic and looks tasty

  6. Kiran says:

    Almost too beautiful to eat 🙂

  7. The Mistress of Spices says:

    What a gorgeous and patriotic dhokla! Reminds me that I haven’t had any dhokla myself in quite a long time…think I need to make some! Thanks for this beautiful version.

  8. I was thinking of doing something with the Indian flag theme on 15th Aug ..couldn’t come up with a good idea! Your tri-color dhokla is such a wonderful idea!! I have never seen a sesame oil and sesame seed tadka – that’s a very interesting touch to the otherwise traditional dish.

  9. This looks amazing…love how the Indian flag colours are reflected in it so perfectly!

  10. swati says:

    being a gujju I grew up with dhokla. This looks like a great twist. This one’s on my lunch menu tomorrow.

  11. Richa says:

    the colors look gorgeous and the dhokla came out so perfect! i wouldnt want to cut through that beauty:)

  12. mustardseed says:

    This looks amazing! What a great idea. Also a great way to add some veggies for kids!

  13. Megha says:

    This looks fantastic. I know what I’m making next Independence day! You have a lovely blog. Thank you for visiting my blog 🙂

  14. Rush says:

    Hi there, i was thinking of making the orange colored dhokla from the tiranga for the halloween party at my kids school. she is 2 and i need to get a potluck item for 2 year olds which looks orange. i was thinking of icing the dhokla with oogly eyes, are there any tips or suggestions u can share so that i can make the dhokla a finger food and alsso incorporate the halloween theme in it??

    • Tadka Pasta says:

      We haven’t tried this, but one idea is to make it in a thinner layer, let it cool for a while and then cut out halloween themed shapes with a cookie cutter. Or just cut it into bars and ice with a savory cream cheese frosting, maybe just do a pumpkin on top with a little carrot, or your oogly eyes.

      Also check out our pumpkin deviled eggs for Halloween – make them without the Thai curry paste for kids – maybe some cooked carrot and tomato paste to make it orange

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  16. Meena says:

    Lovely! I first thought you had achieved it with food colors…after I read you got the effect with carrots and herbs, I was truly impressed! A healthy offering for the Independence Day! Rock on, Ruchira!

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  18. Purnima says:

    Wow so beautiful.. I had seen the pictures of your Amazing Tricolored Dhokla on Goodhomes India magazine’s facebook page .. Totally loved it .. but they sadly haven’t mentioned your name on it just their own good homes logo and chopping off yours 😦 .. I hope they had taken your permission..

    • Tadka Pasta says:

      Glad you liked the dhokla, Purnima and thank you for bringing this to our notice. No, they had not taken our permission to use that picture. We are shocked that a leading publication can do this!

  19. hi- this looks beautiful! and I am definitely going to try it soon.
    and just to let you know- have also included this blogpost in my roundup of yummy tricolor eats… (with a link back to yr blog)
    its here: http://homespunaround.blogspot.in/2014/08/happy-independence-day-celebrations.html

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